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All Other Professionals

Kutub Uzzaman

Qualification: M. PHARM

Specialist in: Pharmacy

Expertise: Opsonin Pharma Ltd.

Jubair Hosain Mahim

Qualification: Diploma in Data Analysing

Specialist in: Data Entry and Analyse

Expertise: 2 Years

Walid Shovon

Qualification: MBA in Apparel Merchandising

Expertise: 2 years

Mahbubey Alam

Qualification: BA MA Diplomas in constitutional law

Expertise: Attorney General

Anisul Huq

Qualification: BA MA LLB LLM

Expertise: Minister for Law

Dr. Kamal Hossain

Qualification: Bachelor of Jurisprudence

Specialist in: urisprudence

Expertise: Minister of Law, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Energy

Barrister Rafique Ul Huq

Qualification: MA LLB

Specialist in: Pioneer and Senior lawyer

Expertise: Attorney General of Bangladesh during General Ershad’s Government