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Ekhoz.com and Why we build this website?

Date: 2020-06-14 14:03:41
Posted by: Salahuddin Akon

Ekhoz.com is a website that contain various professionals information. We have build this to find professionals easily for general's needs.

It is really hard to find a professional like doctor, lawyer and other when we need them in our busy life. Not only we need them but professional need to be a trusty and specialist that we need.

That's why we build our rate and review system, anyone who have been serve by a professional can give ratings and write review about his exprience.

Ekhoz.com also have some good free feature for professionals like doctor, lawyer and others who need appointment system. It will save a lots of time for professionals. Chamber information adding option will give a professionals a extra boost to buil their clients.

We are working on two way communication between clients and professionals, file sharing system will be added soon.

Tags: Website, Professionals, Rate and Review

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